Ballet Classes

for Kids, Toddlers and Adults

The art of Ballet has always been associated with grace, beauty and nobility. Ballet evolved through the centuries preserving the best choreography knowledge and traditions. Ballet for children is an opportunity to touch the magical world of dance. Considered the foundation of all types of dance ballet dancers embody physical and spiritual perfection, deserving respect and admiration.

There are many reasons why parents wish to enroll their children in ballet classes.

  • Musicality and sense of rhythm which are developed as they listen to classical music and learn about famous classical composers.
  • Physical development including strength, agility, endurance, coordination and flexibility.
  • A good posture and stretching exercises are also part of ballet and constitute a way to prevent or improve conditions such as scoliosis and flat feet.

Ballet Classes for kids

Ballet is a great activity for both boys and girls. In boys ballet helps in sculpting a great body, strengthening the muscles and increasing endurance and balance which are very important in the practice of sports. Ballet is a physically demanding activity just as the practice of a sport or going to a workout at the gym.

Victoria International Ballet Academy Professional Ballet School

If you want your child to have a high level of ballet excellence, they must attend a professional ballet school.

Ballet Classes for kids

Victoria International Ballet Academy was founded in 2003 in Toronto by Victoria Mironova, a qualified teacher who graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Ballet (St. Petersburg, Russia), and danced for more than 20 years in Russia.

Since the academy opened in Toronto (GTA), our academy has been enriched by the knowledge of some of the best teachers of classical ballet and hundreds of dancers have graduated from the Academy, and some have become professional ballet dancers.

All groups in our academy are divided according to the child’s age and level and all classes take place in our four spacious and well appointed studios.

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If you can only come in the summer...

We have you covered! Every summer for 3 weeks, international and local students meet at our studios to enjoy (and sweat) an intensive training which includes ballet technique, repertoire, stretching, character and contemporary dance and great fun during our weekend day trips.

For the little ones who cannot yet train at the intensive level we offer Summer Camp. A full day of fun activities and daily ballet class

Today, we are one of the largest ballet schools in Canada.

The Academy offers the following ballet classes:

Class for the youngest.
Age: 2 ½ - 4 years


This class focuses on ballet basics and first ballet movements, like jumps and turns. All classes are entertaining and presented in a fun way for the little ones to enjoy

Class for
4-5 year-old


In this ballet class, children’s training focuses on basic ballet movements, stretching and endurance for a healthy body. Children go on stage at the end of their ballet year to showcase their skills to parents and friends.

Classes for
6-10 year-old


The academy offers different programs depending on the student’s level of skill and desire to progress. Children may perform in more than one ballet performance per year.

Classes for
11 - 18


We have advanced programs for those who consider ballet their favorite artistic activity. These students participate in the ballet productions of Victoria Ballet Company.

Classes for adults

Classes include conditioning exercises, stretching, ballet technique, pointe work (for intermediate students) and an opportunity to participate on stage in some of our shows.

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Individual approach
to every child

Ballet teachers at our academy attend to the physical differences in each child, in order for children to enjoy ballet and for parents to see good results. Our ballet classes are prepared in a way that every child has enough attention from the teachers.

All children are different and have different physical training, and that is why teachers prepare the ballet class in such a way that children can overcome difficulties by training together with other dancers in their age group and skill level. Only if a child understands that he can do it, will he attend the class with pleasure and strive for new achievements.

Ballet Classes for kids

Why children should take ballet classes:

Ballet classes give children a sense of appreciation and sensitivity to the arts.

Children achieve a physical and spiritual distinction, great posture and grace.

Improving conditions of the spine and flat feet, strengthening of muscles, joints, tendons and the entire skeleton of a child.

Improving coordination, endurance, flexibility, motor skills, and all elements of a good physical training.

Developing the cardio-vascular system and reducing the risk of cardiac and vascular diseases.

Faster and better formation of the musculoskeletal system, strengthening muscles in all parts of the body.

Achieving the goal of maintaining kids physically active for more hours as recommended by the experts.

Musicality and rhythm are formed while listening to classical music.

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